Connections – Fungal and Familial

I’ve been on Long Island this past week for work, and didn’t have much free time to blog,  but I had some time this weekend to explore and captured some nice shots. I’ll be working on most of them when I get back home at the end of the month, but this picture struck a chord with me, and I wanted to write about the feelings while they were fresh.


Being a Mother of Quadruplets means that I relate to any and all things in multiples of four. I spotted these mushrooms while walking through Massapequa Park – and stepped off the path to take a few pictures of them. Initially, I thought there were just the 4 large ones, but when I got closer I saw the semi-hidden fifth one. It made me think of my family – the four kids so close that they overlap each other – and me, a separate but always present entity.  As I squatted down for a different perspective, I was struck by the thought that our lives are well represented by these fungi…


My children are “grown-ups” now…20 years old and out on their own. I saw the three stems clumped together, and thought of Addison, Blythe and Carson- who are in separate colleges, fine tuning their dreams. I saw the fourth mushroom in the line, and thought of Drake – who has branched out into the “real” world already… having just been promoted at his job, which included moving away to Missouri, into his first apartment with his girlfriend – reaching out and spreading his wings- just like the cap on the fourth fungi. And the small mushroom beneath them all – is me. They are surpassing my dreams, stretching beyond my horizons, becoming larger and stronger as I feel smaller and smaller in their lives. They are becoming the dominants, and in turn, my protectors.

As all of this flashed through my head, I laughed a little – at the ‘absurdity’ of comparing us to mushrooms… and cried a little – at how true the resemblance actually is, and then I felt peace – knowing that ALWAYS, beneath the surface, we are connected – just like these mushrooms.

Walking Stick-

I found this walking stick on the screen door yesterday – slightly entangled in a spider’s web.p1030269

I’ve always thought walking sticks were cool looking – although when I was younger I was convinced they would bite or pinch me, and my brother swore they were poisonous! (They’re not, and they can’t hurt you.) I pulled the webs off his feet, and moved him off the screen.

He pretended to be a stick – rocking and swaying back and forth as he walked the deck railing. He was about 5 inches long, not including his antennae, and he was actively looking for a place to blend in. p1030283

If something grabs a walking sticks leg or antennae, they can break it off and grow a new one. They will also play dead – dropping to the ground and lying still as a fallen stick – to avoid predators.


They are masters of camouflage –p1030288

by the time I put the camera away and came back out onto the deck he had moved into the Redbud tree and was “gone.”

Azteca Indians

I stopped by the Powwow in Hardy over the weekend. Of course I wasn’t prepared,  had left my real camera at home, and only realized it was happening an hour before it finished up. So, I took some shots with my phone, danced alongside the Aztecas in their closing “Circle Dance”, and mentally kicked myself for my poor planning and missing out on the chance to get some really cool pictures. The clothing and customs that I did get to see were breathtaking- the dancing even more so.



Lake Views

I spent some time in the boat yesterday -cruising along the edges of the lake – playing “I Spy Solitaire”.

There was a family of 5 Wood Ducks that were cruising the lake with me- they are very skittish but I was able to get a few shots of Dad following behind his son, who still has a few more feathers to add to his adult plumage.


The colors are starting to change – even though it is still in the 80’s during the day…


There were lots of minnows in the shallows –p1030261

an Arrow Head orb weaver –20160911_172536

and this Red Spotted Purple butterfly hung out with me for awhile.


I love my little lake and my little boat.

Katydid Hitchiker

This katydid landed on my windshield at the stop light in town…20160927_121724

We stared at each other – he wiped his face on his feet, tasted my windshield and wiped his face again – preparing for his close-up….20160927_121746

Then he ungraciously turned his back on me and ended up chewing on my wiper blades —20160927_121815

Despite the fact that he was missing his left rear “jumping” leg, and dragging some old spiderweb baggage – he managed to hang on for over 1/4 mile…

Moths in the wood pile

This Fir Tussock Moth caterpillar was cruising around the wood pile yesterday – 20160922_104646-copy


he was a fast little bugger – and very curious. These were snapped on my phone, so they aren’t the best shots – hopefully I’ll see one again while I have my real camera!

Then I spied this guy too –20160922_104139-copy-copy

a Tiger Moth – with hidden red/orange hindwings beneath his white and black patterned topwings.